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Holland Scientific is pleased to be a contributing partner of the sustainable agriculture technology revolution.


Phenom 2 System

The Holland Scientific Crop Circle Phenom represents a new remote sensing tool for measuring the radiative transfer and biophysical characteristics of plant canopies. Data collected by the sensor suite can be utilized to quantify the radiative transfer properties for both soil and vegetation. The Phenom’s versatility allows it to be deployed for both stationary and mobile applications.

Phenom 2

What We Do

Instrument design encompasses many different skills and areas of expertise. The design process must balance technical functionality and end-user requirements to create a system that is not only operational but also usable.

Electro-optic Sensors for Plant/Soil Measurement

We develop and create affordable electro-optic instrumentation for assessing plant and soil characteristics

Plant Nutrient Algorithm Development

We develop algorithms and models that utilize spectral reflectance information to determine plant nutrition needs

NDVI Sensor Instrumentation

We have over two decades of experience developing and creating sensors that provide accurate and highly stable NDVI and NDRE measurements

corn field at sunrise

Remote Sensing Instrumentation

Definition: remote sensing |rəˈmoʊt| |sens-iNG|


the scanning of the earth by satellite or high-flying aircraft or proximal sensor in order to obtain information about it.

In essence, that is what Holland Scientific sensors do, they collect information about the earth, whether this information pertains to plant or soil and whether our sensors are carried by scientists or mounted to carts, tractors, drones or airplanes: our sensors provide you, the user, with valuable and timely information about the earth and the plants that grow in it. Holland Scientific is pleased to provide novel and unique instrumentation for the study of creation and the processes that encompass it…

We create

with Users in mind